Indonesian Steamed Layer Cake - Lapis Beras

Ingredients for 12 pancakes:

  1. 150 gr rice flour
  2. 50 gr tapioca flour
  3. 500 ml coconut milk, moderate thickness
  4. 150 gr sugar
  5. 1/2 sdt salt
  6. 1 pandanus leaf, slice in 10 cm length or tie in knot
  7. 2 kaffir lime leaves, dircard the rib of the leaf
  8. 2-3 drops red food coloring
  9. 2-3 drops green food coloring
Bahan Lapis Beras
Santan Untuk Lapis Beras
Santan Rebus Untuk Lapis
Gula Untuk Lapis
Membuat Adonan Lapis
Garam Untuk Lapis
Pewarna Hijau Lapis
Pewarna Merah Lapis
3Adonan Lapis
Mengolesi Minyak
Alas Plastik Lapis
Pengukus Lapis
Lapisan Merah
Lapisan Putih
Lapisan Hijau
Lapis Matang
Lapis Beras

Steamed Layer Cake

Place of Origin : Java

Source : My Grandmother

Note & Tipp!!

Dadar Gulung is one among the popular snacks & desserts in Indonesia, especially in rural villages of Java island. In my childhood time, I've seen this sweet dessert everywhere, homemade by my grandmother, by the street vendor in traditional markets or special cake & dessert shops.

History suggested, this dessert is an adaptation of european pancake that the Dutch has introduced to Indonesian during the colonialism era. But my ancestor have modified it into indonesian variant and replaced some ingredients with local ingredients which're very easy to obtain.

Here is whole milk replaced by coconut milk, combined with sweet grated coconut as a filling. Though it was terrible being colonized but there is a bright side though, least people are forced to be taugh and more creative ;-)!

Important Note : For those of you who live abroad where the fresh grated coconut is impossible to obtain, then you have to take desiccated coconut as a substitute. The problem is desiccated coconut contains no more coconut milk which required for the filling. As a result, the coconut filling will be relatively dry & almost tasteless. But don't worry !! After many times of "try & error" experiments, I found a simple trick to overcome this problem. Just add very thick coconut milk as I write on the recipe into the filling. I assure you, the coconut dressing will be soften, moisted and more tasty.

Tipp: The above mentioned trick can be applied for other recipes as long as fresh grated coconut is required for example Urap-Urap. Just take the half amount of fresh grated coconut as described on the recipe and replace the other half with thick coconut milk. For example 300 gr fresh grated coconut = 150 gr desiccated coconut + 150 ml thick coconut milk.


  1. Place the pandan leaf and lime leaves into the saucepan, then add the coconut milk.
  2. Bring over medium heat to boil, stir occationally to prevent the cocunut milk from separating.
  3. Discard the leaves from the pan and lat it cool. Put aside.
  4. Put the rice flour, tapioca flour and sugar in a large bowl.
  5. Add the pre-cooked coconut milk little at times and stir throughly to get a smooth batter.
  6. Adjust the seasoning. Add salt or sugar if necessary.
  7. Divide the batter into 3 equal portions. Use measuring glass or cup is recommended.
  8. Add one portion with red colour, one portion with green and let the other portion in white.
  9. Prepare heat-proof glass or plastic containerand and lightly grease with small amount of vegetable oil.
  10. (Alasi bagian bawah dengan plastik supaya lapis lebih mudah dilepas atau mencegah goresan jika anda mengiris langsung dari loyang).
  11. Boil a lot of water in a steamer and put the or large saucepan with Panaskan air cukup banyak dalam panci yang cukup besar atau dandang pengukus hingga mendidih dan mengeluarkan uap.
  12. Taruh loyang atau wadah plastik yang sudah disiapkan sebelumnya dalam panci pengukus.
  13. Tuang 100 ml adonan berwarna merah, tutup panci, kukus selama 10 menit.
  14. Tuang di atasnya adonan berwarna putih, kukus selama 10 menit, kemudian diikuti adonan berwarna hijau.
  15. Lakukan langkah yang sama berulang-ulang sampai adonan habis.
  16. (Anda juga bisa memakai ukuran sendok sayur atau ukuran lain yang penting jumlahnya sama untuk setiap lapisan).
  17. Terakhir setelah bagian paling atas padat, kukus lagi selama 15 menit. Angkat dan dinginkan.
  18. Keluarkan dari loyang atau wadah plastik, potong2 sesuai selera.

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